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UFO WARS is now in release. Contains new footage from Albuquerque, New Mexico of a squadron captured with nightvision. Includes Jose Escamilla's Interstellar film as an added special film.


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To order your own Nightvision Goggles call Ed at: 707.478.2540 and ask for ED's Skywatch Discount. Ed Grimsley is now a Night Vision Dealer for several companies and has access to good models for Skywatching able to be exported legally to customers abroad as well as ability to video for Night Vision documentations and UFO viewing. Prices ranging from U.S. $1800-$3200 with excellent quality. Lessons and Techniques for Skywatching FREE to our customers. Opportunity for footage to be placed at our discretion your videos will be given acknowledgment and credit on my UFO TRUTH website. Learn the truth for yourself! Seeing is believing!

Moon Rising

I highly recomend you see Jose Escamilla's films as they deliver the truth about the moon! - - Ed Grimsley




Welcome to Ed

Ed Grimsley has been seeing battles between unknown aircraft in the night skies since he was a teenager.

Since then he has continued seeing what appear to be Delta shaped and Saucer shaped aircraft in space shooting it out using what appear to be laser weapons.

He has seen hundreds of these objects recently and using his five Military grade night vision binoculars he has invited many people to come to his areas and view the objects in earth space shooting it out.

Using his night vision glasses, even skeptics who thought he was 'seeing things' have now been convinced that what Ed Grimsley has been trying to tell people about all these years is very real.

Contact Ed Grimsley for the next time he is having a night vision skywatch. [ SKYWATCH INFO ]

Ed is an Executive Producer of UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied - Part II: Moon Rising.

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